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TravelshopPakistan offers wide range of services at affordable prices.
To see how we can help you in meeting your car rental needs, please go through the services that we are offering to you.

i) Chauffeur Drive Service
Whether it’s business or pleasure, everyone wants to make the best possible use of his time. And as you  probably know, travelling can be extremely time consuming, especially when you are in the driving seat. Thats where our chauffeur drive service comes in. All our chauffeurs have been carefully selected. Not only are they highly skilled drivers, but they have been specially chosen for their personal qualities of reliability, helpfulness and discretion. Always ready with knowledgeable advice and suggestions, they know how to become part of your team, and how to take a back seat when the situation demands.

ii) Self Driven Service
Our Self Driven Service is the most reliable, efficient and flexible service that we offer.All the vehicles are comprehensively insured and undergo thorough checklist before the rental, in order to ascertain the cleanliness and mechanical fitness of the vehicle.

iii) Long Term Rentals
Our long term rentals save your time & money, and boosts your business efficiency. Straight forward documentation with one master agreement gets you as many vehicles as you want. We lift from your shoulders the burden of day-to-day unpredictable cost control, depreciation worries, and vehicle re-sale problems. Under our fleet management agreement, we take care of insurance issues, warranty claims, maintenance niggles, etc – we organize it all!

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