Sikh Yatra

Pakistan is proud to be cradle of Sikh heritage. After Mughals downfall in Indian sub-continent the Sikhs took over India and ruled here for about more than two decades and during their era there were lot of new additions into the Indian history which are quite visible if we concentrate a little on it. There are endless monuments, havelis, forts and Gurdwaras which are now part of the major landmarks of Pakistan.

Upgradation and preservation of Sikh holy sites is a continues process and the most important one for the trust.


The statistics show that there were nearly 170 Gurdawars in Pakistan, however the partition of Indo Sub-continent changed the landscape effecting the existence of Sikh religion and its holy sites. Most of the Sites are located in Lahore, Gujranwala and Sialkot, besides Panja Sasib near Rawalpindi and Nankana Sahib near Faisalabad. 
The list of most visited Gurdwaras of Pakistan:
  1. Gurdwara Janam Asthan, Nankana Sahib
  2. Gurdwara Patti sahib, Nankana Sahib
  3. Gurdwara Bal Lila, Nankana Sahib
  4. Gurdwara Kiara Sahib, Nankana Sahib
  5. Gurdwara Tambu Sahib, Nankana Sahib
  6. Gurdwara Panjvi Patshahi, Nankana Sahib
  7. Gurdwara Chhevin Patshahi, Nankana Sahib
  8. Gurdwara Mal Jee Sahib, Nankana Sahib
  9. Gurdwara Dera Sahib, Lahore
  10. Gurdwara Singh Singhnia Shaheed, Lahore
  11. Gurdwara Guru Ram Das Ji, Lahore
  12. Gurdwara Mai Kaulan, Lahore
  13. Gurdwara Rori Sahib, Eminabad
  14. Gurdwara Chaki Sahib, Eminabad
  15. Gurdwara Lalo De Khui, Eminabad
  16. Gurdwara Bheri Sahib, Sialkot
  17. Gurdwara Sacha Soda, Farooq Abad
  18. Gurdwara Panja Sahib, Hassan Abdal
  19. Gurdwara Darbar Sahib Kartarpur, Narowal
  20. Gurdwara of Bhai Joga Singh, Peshawar
  21. Gurdwara Dharamsala Baba Sri Chand at, Peshawar

Vaisakhi Exclusive Tour | 10 days

Day 01 Arrival Lahore
Day 02 Lahore
Day 03 Lahore – Sialkot
Day 04 Sialkot – Faisalabad
Day 05 Faisalabad
Day 06 Faisalabad – Islamabad
Day 07 Islamabad – Peshawar
Day 08 Peshawar – Islamabad
Day 09 Islamabad – Lahore
Day 10
Lahore – Back Home

Pakistan Friendship Yatra | 8 days

Day 01 Arrival Lahore
Day 02 Lahore
Day 03 Lahore
Day 04 Lahore – Faisalabad
Day 05 Faisalabad – Islamabad
Day 06 Islamabad – Peshawar
Day 07 Peshawar – Lahore
Day 08 Lahore – Back Home

Back To Roots | 8 days

Day 01 Arrival Lahore
Day 02 Lahore
Day 03 Lahore - Eimanabad - Islamabad
Day 04 Islamabad - Panja Sahib - Peshawar
Day 05 Peshawar - Islamabad
Day 06 Islamabad–Nankana Sahib–Lahore
Day 07 Lahore
Day 08 Lahore–Departure

Besakhi Mela | 6 days

Day 01 Arrive Lahore – Islamabad
Day 02 Islamabad–Panja Sahib–Islamabad
Day 03 Islamabad–Panja Sahib–Islamabad
Day 04 Islamabad–Nankana Sahib–Lahore
Day 05 Lahore
Day 06 Lahore–Departure